Thursday, 26 August 2010


On a lot of blogs that I read, people make more of an effort to decorate the house for the smaller holidays. I think this is quite normal in America and most of the blogs I read are written by people over there so I guess it makes sense. But I like it. I don't want to just have Christmas decorations, I want to have Easter ones too, and so this year I did. 

It probably started last year with the giant eastery mug that I bought (matches our Christmas mug too), but that's all I had back then. I regretted filling it with chocolate eggs, 1) because it's pretty big so I had to buy lots, and 2) because I ate them all, by myself, in a big chocolate binge! So this year I bought some polystyrene eggs with a plan to paint them all prettily. Stupidly, I bought these at the end of Easter, so didn't finish it. Story of my life really!  At the moment all the eggs are one solid colour, but I'm planning on adding detail before I use them next year. 

The decorations I did have this year were squidgy gel type things that stick to glass, so the random window between my dining room and library turned into my Easter display. The best thing about these is that they came from the pound shop, so it was nice and cheap.  Please ignore the mess in the background (and the terrible quality - I took this on my phone).

I also put my two lindt bunnies on my mantel along with the nesting owls I got for my birthday and my purple flowers Ian got me at christmas.  You'll notice that I forgot to take the photo until after I'd eaten the right ones ears! Oops!

Over the easter weekend I also found these cute chickens at a local craft show, so have added them to my easter decorations for this year.  

I think halloween is the next one for decorating (unless I celebrate Elephant Appreciation Day!)


  1. I have always wanted to decorate for all the Seasons...and thought that having kids would be a perfect excuse.

    Well, I go all out for Halloween ( my fave) and then it Christmas comes too quickly after that...I'm lucky if our tree is thrown out before Valentine's Day! Then I'm too exhausted from putting things back together to think about decorating again...haha!

    I applaud you...well done!

  2. Yes, I know it's august - I just wanted to share!

  3. My favorite holiday is Halloween so I go all out, I've never been a big Christmas fan but now that I have children we try to go all out for that too. We do little things for all of the other holidays like a few rabbits and eggs around for easter and some clovers for Saint Patricks Day. So congrats on the decorations!!!