Saturday, 14 August 2010

Stash Additions

If you follow my other blog, you might have seen the cupcake bouquet I made recently for my friend.  To make this, I had to get a few supplies from hobbycraft.  As soon as I enter the store I lose all control, but I'd told myself that I was here specifically for supplies for that project, and no extras (I decided July was "essential spends only" month).  Unfortunately, I saw a whole load of shiny sticky paper rolls for just 20p each, and whilst I had no particular project in mind, I knew it would come in handy at some point.  

For the cupcake bouquet I needed lolly sticks, but instead of getting the small packet, I got 1000 lolly sticks.  It made sense really, as they were practically the same price and you can do tonnes of things with lolly sticks right? As it turned out, I didn't even use any of the lolly sticks, so now I need to think up a good project for them.  But yay for more stash!


  1. I totally understand stash addiction, I'm an addict too! I love your cupcake bouquet and I'm your follower. I'm MagicNorth and we are partners in Blog Me, Baby swap.

  2. Build a replica Eiffel Tower from the lolly sticks. It can be done!

  3. You NEVER know when you will need 1000 lolly sticks! :) I too have a crafty stash addiction! The bouquet was great! Linked to you on my blog. :)

    slogsdon (swap-bot) - Blog Me, Baby

  4. 1000 lolly sticks can come in handy for almost anything. I am also a stash addict. Great reading and I look forward to future posts on both blogs.

    Jill (Swap-bot/jillysstuff2010)

  5. I know how it is to go into the craft store for something specific and find so many other things that you think you just have to have. I'm slowly building up my stash I will be following both of your blogs.

    Craftymom85-blog me up baby

  6. I not only have stash addiction, I have New Project Addiction. I buy everything for a new project and can't seem to start it because of everything else I have to do.

    Look forward to finding out what you do with all of the lolly sticks!

    By the way, I have blog buddies and a cousin from England!

    Cynthia L.
    Blog Me Up Baby -

  7. Hang on to those, because it always turns out that you find the perfect use for them after you decide they've been stashed too long!

    Can't wait to keep up with your creative antics and crafty addictions :)

    Smiles from the US,

    AKA: PaintMyselfPretty (Blog Me Up Baby -