Thursday, 22 July 2010

Gaining readers

It's nice to have a record of all the things I've created, but it's even nicer having people to chat to about works in progress, or future ideas, or just getting feedback on what I've created.  I've been worrying recently about how to get more people reading my blog, and I spotted the perfect opportunity on SwapBot - a swap of blog URLs and a promise to read the other persons blog.  Not only does this get some people looking at my blog, but I get to take a look at all the interesting things on their blogs. 

So, if you've wandered along here as a result of this swap, I welcome you, and thank you for taking the time to visit me.  And if you're not here because of that, I still welcome you - every visitor means a lot to me, please leave a message and say hi!


  1. Hi There! I love your sight!
    DanniJo85- SwapBot Partner

  2. I'm sure I will love both of your blogs! Crafts and recipes are both two of my favorite things :) Be on the look out I will try to do another one in about two months! (QueenQuisa)

  3. Hi Carrie, I just love the cute little stuffed critters you make. That owl inspires me, I must make one. I'm following here and getting ready to go look at your other blog. Would love it if you followed on mine too. Ihave two like you.
    ColeenFranks, Be My Blog Follower on Blogger

  4. Carrie, i"m following here too. This blog looks so scrumptious. You really are the talented lady.
    Coleen (coleenfranks)
    Be My Blog Follower on blogger.

  5. I'm so pleased to see all the comments on my blog - makes me feel very loved, and now I'm determined to post more often for you all.

  6. hey again...just visiting from
    April (rainbowafterrain81)
    I’M A BLOGGER, FOLLOW ME!!! swap
    I started following you yesterday though cause you were my partner for the other blog swap :)

  7. Hi Carrie,
    it's me again Jenn (jaemac) from swap bot. I wanted to visit your craft blog too! Your stuffies are adorable. The effort you put into them shows and their faces are wonderful. Good luck with this new blog. I find, if you do some generic posts and leave them as drafts then when you;re busy you can just post one of your already done short blogposts. :o) Hope this helps.
    Jenn (jaemac from swap bot follower swap)

  8. I love those owls. Thank you for welcoming us.
    I am following this blog and have mentioned it on my own blog. and I am cmarois from swap-bot

  9. Hi Carrie, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment!
    Greetings from Holland!

  10. Hi there, this is Anne aka missanne from swap-bot for the I'm a blogger, follow me swap! I am going to love following both of your blogs as I'm an avid crafter and we're getting our kitchen done right now so I'll have an added interest in cookery soon!

  11. very bright purple. specially when i'm sitting in a dim room, lol. I can't wait to read your blog a little more. I'm trying to go through all of them so i don't forget whose i've done and whose i haven't.
    I'm kirsten (craftymomme08) over at swapbot, so hi! *waves* hope to see you over at mine sometime soon!

  12. Hi! hehe. ^-^ I also joined swap-bot blog swaps to gain more viewership. >.< but unfortunately for me, the traffic doesn't really differ much. :( hoo-hoo. T-T I hope it's better for you! I love reading about crafts; I always try it out myself after reading about them but it turns out like crud. X-X

    ~mireillie from swap-bot

  13. Isn't it just wonderful to receive visitors on one's blog. It gives one such a thrill that others enjoy your blog, and it's a great way to meet new people too, who are on the same wavelength. Great idea for getting inspired as well. I always enjoy reading up on each person's experiences, and what they get up to with a new craft! It gives me such a thrill to read them online. I hope you are enjoying and have a wonderful many more happy experiences within this blogging world. Much love, Ana Goncalves from Swap-bot, Blog Me Baby exchange.

  14. I'm really grateful to have "followers" and people who want to see what I'm up to as well :)

    I'll be posting a link to your blog on mine!

    Alfie (iLoveMail on Swap-bot for the "Blog Me, Baby" swap)