Monday, 28 June 2010


It's swap time again, this time I've decided to try out Molly Chicken's panda.  I read in the profile of my swap partner that she liked pandas, so hopefully she'll be happy with my attempt at making one.  The tutorial was nice and easy to follow, and I finished the panda in one afternoon.  I really need to work on my stitching so that it's more uniform and neater. 


  1. This so adorable panda stuffie. I love panda. I really find them cute so kawaii.

    keep up your cute stuffie ideas.

    mslovender (swapbot)
    I`ll be including your link to my blog.

    have a wonderful day ahead.

  2. What a cool looking panda! He/She is so cute. Lots of love from Ana Goncalves on Swap-bot, Blog me Baby exchange. Have been looking for the follow icon, but have not found it so I am going to save your link under the favorites for now, and add you to my arts and crafts blog later on tonight. :)