Thursday, 21 January 2010

Stuffie Swap

I signed up for a stuffie swap as I hadn't managed to finish the ones I was making for Christmas and I figured by joining a swap I'd be forcing myself to actually complete a project!

The rules were that each participant would list 3 animals they'd like to receive and the swap partner would pick one they think they can make. My partner listed snail as one of their choices and it sounded like and interesting choice.

The first decision to be made was which colours to use. I wanted something un-snail-like because I was pretty sure I couldn't make a realistic looking snail so why try. I also wanted it to be bright and cheerful. I had some nice sparkly pink felt but I noticed my swap partner didn't like pink. So, I went for yellow and green, nice and bright!

I figured I'd give the snail a swirly shape by doing some embroidery on some circles and adding them to some panels to create a shell. I was pretty pleased with the neatness of my stitching. I created the body and then attempted to stitch together. As I'd partly stuffed the body and completely stuffed the shell it made it quite hard to attach. I think if I was to do this again I'd try to create the whole thing as one so there was only one piece to stuff.


  1. I had no idea what a stuffie was, lol! I have actually made something like this before. Now I can join these swaps :) Thanks for posting these pics.