Monday, 9 November 2009


Post is boring, noone writes letters anymore or sends stuff (well, noone I know anyway!) so all I ever seem to get is bills and bank statements. In an attempt to make my post more exciting, and also to encourage a bit more self-creativity, I signed up to swap-bot. I've just completed my first swap and am incredibly excited to see what I've been sent. I'm not sure whether my swap package was any good, but I was pleased with it at the end. The swap I joined was a scavenger hunt, so you had to find something to satisfy the following list;

~ Stars ~ Something Blue ~ Your favorite Animal ~ Something Sweet ~ Black & White ~ Something Useful ~ Surprise! (one item per list item -i.e, you couldn't something sweet that was also blue).

So... I made a few things and bought a few things and in my package was...

...a felt star that I made, possibly for use as a pin cushion or as a Christmas tree decoration. original piece of Carrie artwork! (it's blue!)

...some monkey notepaper

...and a bonus monkey finger puppet (made by the wonderful Ian)

...some Cadbury's Dairy Milk

...a cross stitch penguin

...some fabric my swap partner uses to make hair accessories

...and a wind up butterfly that goes inside cards and flies out when you open them (that should be a surprise!).

I posted it all off to my partner today and am now looking for more swaps to sign up to. Hopefully I wont get so obsessed with swapping that I don't make any of the Christmas gift projects I have in mind!

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